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What is central heating insurance and why get it?

Central heating insurance gives you security and peace of mind of having your central heating system regularly maintained and it being repaired if it breaks down at all often for free depending on the policy. With the increasing cost of tradesmen the number of people taking out these policies have not surprisingly risen. Fixing boilers can cost over £400, insurance can be as low as £8.95 a month for peace of mind. What each policy covers and the price charged varies between providers and the boiler/central heating system that you have be it brand new or older.


Below is what you should look for in a policy depending on your boiler type:

Standard gas boilers look for a policy that covers: repairs (labor & parts), an yearly service, money towards a replacement boiler if it's beyond repair.

Electric boilers look for policies that cover: repairs (lab our & parts), money towards a replacement if beyond repair, unlimited claims or a set number a year.

Remember there is no need to get your policy from your current energy supplier you are free to choose from any company and the two are no way connected.

Policy Provider
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Price per month

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British Gas HomeCare

British Gas are one of the best known companies out there and offer the some of the best value and biggest range of policies, that's why they have millions of homecare members. We recommend looking at there policies first and foremost.
From only £6.61 per month

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Npower offer some good plans which extensively cover your boiler and heating systems so if your looking for extensive care this may be a good option.
From only £10.50 per month

Remember to make sure you apply for your central heating insurance online as it is often the best deal online, if you ring up it will often cost more per month.

More information on central heating insurance

British gas are the most popular central heating insurance providers and they account for around 2/3's of all policies that are taken out currently, this is due to them being the best known brand and offering very good deals on insurance policies. British gas have millions of customers on the HomeCare package and the experts at Which? reported that over 40% of customers were very satisfied with the service.

When you have found the right policy for your central heating system you apply online which is quick and easy, once you have supplied the details needed then it takes around a week or so for the policy to become live.

More information

The is no reason to get your central heating insurance from who ever supplies you with gas or electricity, they are not related at all even though many energy or gas company will try to imply that you do need to get it from them, however the two are not related at all and so you can buy from any provider and go for the best deal.

The big question is often to take a policy that covers just the boiler or the entire system. There are also home emergency policies which mean if you do have a problem then a plumber will be around as fast as possible, this is perfect for those who don't want to be left in the cold if the system breaks down on them.

The choice relates to how much you want to pay and how much cover you require, some policies only cover up to a certain cost say £1500 while some have unlimited cover, others limit how many call outs you are allowed in a year. Annual boiler services are often recommended to keep your heating system in it's best and most efficient working order. The choice is down to your circumstances and how new your system is, if its new then a more limited policy may be best however you may still want to be completely covered.

More often than not policies offer a help line that is open around the clock for you to ring if you have an emergency such as a boiler breakdown. They are often free phone numbers and can give you peace of mind through out the year, knowing that there is someone a call away who can send out a plumber to fix your problem straight away means not only will you have that peace of mind you will also be warmer and not left in the cold especially during the winter months when more often than not this is the time your boiler will break as it's when it is in most demand.

The age of your boiler and model may also affect the policy you take out, if your boiler is a certain age then you may only be able to get cover by paying extra but this may work out better in the long term anyway. More and more people are getting central heating insurance especially in order for the winter months to be safe and warm.

Often the are what are called 'no claim' periods which are often around 30 days, this means that for the first 30 days you can't make a claim this is in order to stop customers signing up when their boiler breaks and then claiming straight away. Remember always read the terms and conditions and to check with existing plans if you have any on how to cancel it.